Newest hotels and resorts

Like staying at new hotels?  Me too. That’s why I created this site,, to help inform people of the most recently opened, and upcoming grand openings for new hotels.  For many major cities around the globe, this site lists the newest hotels and resorts.  So when your planning your next trip, please visit this site first to get information to help with hotel selection.

There are a lot of reasons to stay at the most recently opened hotels. Everything in them tends to be fresh and new. No tired walls or furniture. When you stay in a new property everything tends be be modern and current. Also, if the hotel is very new it is likely a visitor’s first time staying there. Any the novelty of a the new decor and staying and exploring a building for the first time can be exciting and fun.

Is there any downside to staying in a recently opened hotel? If the hotel is very new, sometimes the processes to run the hotel aren’t fully in place: some of the kinks are being ironed out so to speak. But such issues are typically resolved quickly.  Also, a new hotel isn’t always better than an well maintained, older property.

But when comparing two hotels similarly well located, of similar hotel class, it can often be good to choose the newer one just for the fun and novelty of it. It’s also nice to be one of the first ones to stay at the hotel and be able to share your findings of how you liked the new hotel with your friends so they will know whether to give it a try as well.

Hope you enjoy exploring this site and have a great stay at a nice new hotel.